Why get a home inspection?
There are so many reasons why to get an inspection that the question should really be; "Why not get an inspection of the single most expensive item most of us ever buy???" Does it make sense for the sake of a few hundred dollars to miss out on an opportunity to find out more about your new investment. Here are some pictures that "tell a thousand words". These clients were glad to have done an inspection.

Some say "We don't need an inspection of new construction because it is NEW & the builder gave us a one year warranty. Besides, the city inspects them, don't they?!"

All these pictures were from "New Construction" homes! AFTER THE CITY INSPECTION WAS DONE!

Here's a problem that will cost the homeowner a big repair in years to come if it isn't corrected soon. Look at the flashing. Notice that it is outside and on top of the corner trim? When it rains, guess where water will be draining? Right, under the shingles and then into the house.

Now lets look at siding.

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Here's a house that's using engineered "I-Joists" to support the floor instead of dimensional lumber. Using these joists allows the builder to span a much longer area compared to dimensional lumber. But then again, how effective do you think the joist pictured here is?

Hint: look at the waste elbow coming through the floor. I wonder what that plumber was thinking?