The radon tests are done using the $4000 Femto-tech 510 CRM's. We follow the NEHA/EPA protoccols. We do not mitigate so there is no conflict of interest.

This is the text of a flyer we give to our clients explaining the radon test procedures. EPA RADON INSTRUCTIONS FOR HOME OCCUPANTS In order to have an accurate test and to avoid problems with delays, possible re-testing and additional charges, it is important for the home occupant to know about EPA radon test conditions in advance. The test CANNOT be run if the home cannot be kept closed for at least 60 hours. OCCUPANTS: Please be advised of the following EPA protocols before the radon test begins. (1) The house needs to be kept closed (except for normal entry and exit) for 12 hours prior to the start of this test, which is 48 hours (otherwise the test must be run longer & additional charges may apply). (2) All windows and doors MUST be kept shut until the monitor is picked up, except for normal entry and exit. Doors & windows will be sealed with security seals for the duration of the test (approximately 48 hours in most cases). (3) It is okay to run the air conditioning or furnace, but the thermostat should be kept at a constant temperature. Ceiling fans are okay to run except near the monitor. (4) Whole house fans, Jenn-Air style stove fans, and fireplaces CANNOT be run during the test. (5) Please call us with any questions about the test and notify us at once if any circumstances occur during the test that may alter or influence the final results. $100 with a home inspection. $120 for a Radon test alone.